Produced by looseballoon

Copyright © 2014 Michael J Emerson


We seek an awareness of oblivion.

We want to know non-existence.

We want to go there and not be

then come back, without a tan, duty free,

with a slide show of negatives

       for friends and family.

Here’s me at nothing,

in the middle of nowhere.

That’s no one on my left

and in the background,

if you look, there’s an absence,

the best of the season

       I’m told.

There are stories of the journey.

How we couldn’t get a cup of tea

and everyone was upgraded,

so what’s the point of that,

but when we complained

nothing was done and not a soul 

       seemed to care.

We get there and can’t understand a word,

there’s nothing to buy, money is worthless,

the view is non existent and as far as we can tell

nobody is in charge to make decisions

       and nothing is ever on time.

But we come back, glad we went,

because it made us realise,

what we’ve got is not so bad

and all those things we wish

we did not have to put up with

were missed when not there

because being beats not being

but wouldn’t be the same

       without it.