The Oracle at Delphi

Copyright © 2010 Michael J Emerson

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.


Because I don’t know I invent.

What I do know is enough

to make something perfectly new,

such is the alchemy of knowledge.

Because I don’t know and I want to know,

because I know that I don’t know,

I make room for the alchemy,

allow the miracle to occur.

Because I know all this I am a monster

standing in the shadow of a doorway

waiting for the party to start without me.

Because they don’t know that they don’t know

men fear me and wish me silent.

The cock crow reminds me that I am late;

but I will remind the cock that I am on time

for the next thought to bleed into my mind

like a diamond beam at Delphi’s shrine.

Because I know, I have heard my last cockcrow.

Because I know, I will take the expected drink.

Because I know, I have no reason to stay.

       Because I know, I shall be glad to go