Cop Show

Copyright © 2010 Michael J Emerson

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.


America and England,

in the global police force,

two bent coppers are.

Planting dope, taking bribes,

working for the man,

roughing up the bad guy

without a warrant

whenever they can.

They’re an odd couple team,

called before the boss

who’s always cross.

He bawls them out,

he’s had France on the line,

Spain and Russia too.

He wants them off the case,

he wants their badge,

he wants their gun,

as far as he’s concerned

they’re on the run.

As they leave the office,

made entirely of glass,

that wise old face cracks.

“ Why don’t you spend

your vacation in Iraq?

You’ve got 48 hours,

if you don’t sort it out

don’t come back.”

Our two loveable mavericks

split a grin, against

all the odds they win

and no one gives a shit

about the extras wasted

in the high-speed chases.