Copyright © 2010 Michael J Emerson

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.


Cheetah crouches,

eye below the grass line,

      begins its run.

Antelope twitches

left to right, cheetah follows

      as if clairvoyant.

Cheetah sees an edge

two yards in front

      of antelope’s nose.

Timing is right, the run

perfect, there’s enough left

       for what follows.

Close everything down,

make all one, put it in the paw

      that stretches out

and with the faintest touch

on a back leg sends antelope

      bouncing in the dust.

The rest is pornographic,

not for the confused, the

      easily disturbed.

Occasionally and by chance

this moment, that cheetah

      must achieve

every day to survive, happens

near the Saturday afternoon

      goal mouth.