Bolt from the Sun

Copyright © 2010 Michael J Emerson

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.


Lying on my belly,

pinned to the planet

by a bolt from the sun

which threads like a serpent

through the bottom of my back

and plunges into the sand

that boils my thighs.

Lying on my side,

lazily swimming

in the current of my thoughts

as they chirp and cricket

about order and protocol

while the sun prepares my body

for the big feast of the gods.

Lying on my back,

surfing in the sky

on an aerodynamic cloud,

banking around thermals,

slip streaming vapour trails,

riding a tube of rolling wind

and seagull cries

down the salty banks

and background hissing

of the relentless waves.

Lying on my side,

trying to hide my shape

in the sand and waving grass

by burrowing through

the infinitesimal particles

that bestow and give resistance

to the fragile interface

between everything and nothing,

as the wind strokes

the debatable surface

of my well cooked leg.