Big Apple

Copyright © 2010 Michael J Emerson

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.


Straight of the mumbo jumbo.

Catapulted in on dinosaur juice.

Swollen foot limps up glass canyon

       right on cue.   

The vapour trails of supersonic swallows

echo and feedback between mirror walls,

their origin and meaning lost

in a griddle of broken angles

and find the lady star spangles.

On a one way Navaho highway,

carved in the air by money,

a chariot limo’s the fast lane,

destiny riding in the back

like a fat cat in a sack.

In the rapids between banks,

bottle necked, newspaper tumbleweed

augurs tonight's big fight.

barbed, balanced and pointed,

the smooth spear is invested

and twisted in destiny’s guts.

From stop light to fire hydrant

blood wild horsepower and smoking tyres

paint self-fulfilling prophecy in designer rags

across an asphalt tapestry

with post modern zigzags.

The sphinx on the door

is asking questions.

those that went before

ooze from a giant claw.

Swollen foot stares through a window

made by thick arms akimbo.

She is there on the dance floor;

supple and flowing to a tribal chant.

part 2