An Accident Happening

Copyright © 2010 Michael J Emerson

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.

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Like an old lady

flying through the air

after being sideswiped

at sixty miles per hour

by a old Ford Mondao

as she returns, cautiously,

from picking up her pension.

Like a milk bottle

as it hits the hard tiled floor

and spreads its glassy

wet puddle into ten minuets

of cleaning up time

after being knocked

from the kitchen table

by a young person

who believes they are


Like a miscued snooker ball

that bounces randomly

around the table before potting

the originally intended red

and setting itself up perfectly

       for the black.

Like a falling brick that kills a mugger

one second before they strike,

like a word that slips out

and starts a war, like a full moon

on assassination night,

like an accident happening,

       this is how we are.