Produced by looseballoon

Copyright © 2014 Michael J Emerson


Where is everybody?

Billions of suns,

billions of years older

than our billion watt bulb.

Why have we not bumped

into the neighbours yet?

Their houses seem empty,

no twitching curtains,

no children playing in the back yard,

no car door slamming at midnight,

no dog barking at a moon

or cat calling across outer space.

Perhaps they are avoiding us,

all that vast technological

ability that should exist

and should be propelling

a multitude of sci-fi aliens

to our front door could be

employed in making damned sure

we don’t find out they are there.

Do they know about us

and have developed

sophisticated techniques

to ensure we never show up,

uninvited, at one of their parties,

or bump into them at the corner store?

They have their own shopping malls,

clubs and places of worship

where we are not welcome,

they are so far beyond us

that they have no need

to rub our noses in their superiority

as our aristocracy like to do,

they just don’t want to be

associated with us at all

and there is no chance that

any one of us grubby humans

will ever get to see or hear,

let alone lay our hands on,

their precious sons and daughters.